• Mirae
  • Art direction
  • Creative strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Image

MaisonNue imagines and constructs all components for womenswear brand Mirae. A brand territory that translates a playful universe, full of attitude.

For this brand by women for women, MaisonNue creates a sensual and playful identity with an undeniably bold logotype.

For its SS19 campaign, the brand sanctifies unapologetic pleasure. Shot by Carlijn Jacobs.

For the SS18 campaign, a sunny glow celebrates intimacy and attitude. Shot by Camille Summers-Valli.

For AW18, a contagious confidence exudes fun with disco aesthetics. Shot by Camille Summers-Valli.

In line with the direction, Mirae’s social media strategy carries this sensual, hedonistic universe through elevated visuals and onomatopoeias to provide a truly sensorial experience.